IndiaLion's Mission

To provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers.

Corporate Information

The company started offering local search services in 2015 under the IndiaLion brand and is now the leading local search engine in India.

The official website www.IndiaLion.com was launched in 2016.

IndiaLion's search service is available to users across multiple platforms, such as the internet, mobile Internet, over the telephone (voice) and text (SMS).

IndiaLion's search service bridges the gap between the users and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services quickly, while helping businesses listed in IndiaLion's database to market their offerings.

IndiaLion has also initiated its 'Search Plus' Services for the users. These services are aimed at making several day-to-day tasks conveniently actionable and accessible to the users. With this step, IndiaLion is transitioning from being purely a provider of local search and related information to being an enabler of such transactions. IndiaLion intends to provide an online platform to thousands of SME’s to get them discovered and transacted.

IndiaLion Facts

IndiaLion Apps are available on the Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platform/s and have location - based services for the mobile Internet users.

IndiaLion has +91 9059310008, 9640704343 as their operator assisted hotline number, across India, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with multi-lingual support. Business owners have the option to list their business on IndiaLion's database for free. With the registered & corporate office based in Mumbai, IndiaLion also has offices across India in Nellore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad.

Key Highlights

Services offered across various cities and towns in India

Advanced and scalable technology platform

Experienced management team

Large online community for reviews

Long operating history with a proven monetization model

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